Why Do You Surf Traffic Exchanges?

It’s no secret that I love Traffic Exchanges. They are extremely easy to use for rapid traffic, highly profitable as an affiliate, and a very responsive traffic source with when you target the market.

My primary target audience is Traffic Exchange surfers. This will most likely never change, but one of my goals is to expand my reach beyond those already actively engaged in TE marketing to people who perhaps have never even heard of Traffic Exchanges.

This leads to the question of who Traffic Exchanges are best suited for. Do they work for all advertising? Should every Internet Marketer be using Traffic Exchanges?

I’ll admit that Traffic Exchange marketing is NOT for everyone. But without question, this reliable and lucrative source of traffic offers a particular advantage to a certain group of Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Network Marketers alike.

As my friend Guido Nussbuam (TrafficWitch) states…

“If You’re Not Using Manual Traffic Exchanges You’re
Leaving 100’s and 1000’s of Subscribers and Referrals
a Month on the Table.”

Converting a traffic exchange ‘surfer’ into a subscriber on your email list, a referral in an affiliate or network marketing program, or an eventual sale requires a clear understanding of who the surfer is and what they want…

And THAT is simply what “Target Marketing” is in a nutshell. Getting the right offer in front of the right prospect at the right time!

So ask yourself WHY you are surfing, and more importantly realize that other surfers are most likely surfing for the same reasons you are!

Think about what you are advertising or offering to other surfers and ask yourself if it is something YOU want when YOU are surfing.

Easy New Plan for Newbies

So-called ‘Business Opportunities’ and ‘Make Money With the Internet’ sites come and go. Most are just designed as a quick money-grab for the site owner. Don’t get caught in the trap of the latest gimmick or hyped up promise of easy money with no work or investment.

There ain’t no free lunch!

I’ve been preaching this reality for more than five years.

If you want an online business that turns a profit, you need traffic and a way to convert your traffic to sales. It’s that simple.

Forget about “biz ops” and first learn how to get visitors to your website. Traffic is the essential ingredient for ANY online business… which is also what makes traffic the perfect “business” to start with.

I’ve just completed a new training course that is a simplified version of the plan I’ve been using to build my online business. In this Crash Course you will see how easy it is to build traffic and turn that traffic into a business in itself. I like to call it a Traffic Machine.

My Traffic Machine pumps out non-stop traffic plus residual income, and at this point it is all set on autopilot. I just turn it on and let it run.

Get the details in your Free Crash Course…

You’ll get a simple yet proven plan that is easy to implement. Complete with free training and a free turn-key system to generate traffic with traffic exchanges and get paid to do it.

Get a PLAN or Die!

Jon Olson is a far more active blogger than me and I’m an avid reader of his. The truth is, his blog posts stimulate my thinking on certain subjects and prompt me to blog about them, too.

Today is one of those times. Jon’s post today in HitExchangeNews addresses a topic that is near to my heart.

Why do so many people who go “online” to build a business give up so quickly? And why… with all of the help and information available… do the vast majority have trouble hearing and following the TRUTH when it is offered to them?

A big part of the problem certainly involves knowing who to trust. That in itself can be a real challenge because so often the most “trustworthy” people are not telling you what you want to hear. Many people don’t really even want the truth. The illusion of easy money is too alluring and wishful thinking gets the better of them.

Jon, myself, and several others who I trust are known for telling it like it really is. There’s some WORK involved in online marketing.

Here (again) is my short version of the big picture…

Traffic + Conversion = Income

It doesn’t get much simpler.

Next you need a Business Model. What’s that?

A Business Model basically describes what you’re going to sell, or what types of things you’re going to sell. For most new people in this market, the easiest way to get started selling something is as an affiliate… selling other people’s products and services for a cut of the revenue.

Once you have a Business Model, you need a Business Plan and a plan on how you’re going to market your business. It does not have to be complicated. Just decide exactly WHAT you’re going to sell and how you’re going to sell it.

Get targeted traffic to your offer. Don’t expect them to buy from you on the first visit. Develop leads and prospects who you can follow up with to provide more information about your offer and build a relationship.

Pay attention to your business and your budget. Do NOT spend any money that does not fit in with your plan.


If you have a PROVEN plan based on solid principles, the only thing stopping you is YOU.

If you are not getting rich in 30 days, that does not mean your plan is broken. It just means you need more traffic, or better marketing. But jumping ship to find a “better” business plan every 30 days is just going to end up in the poor house.

For further reading I highly recommend Jon’s Pizza Plan. It’s an easy read and includes a solid business plan similar to my own.

The Pizza Plan

I would also be remiss if I don’t mention the plan I laid out a few years ago in my Traffic Report. It, too, provides a clear business plan coupled with a marketing plan. With this plan you never have to worry about HOW you’re going to get traffic… or how to convert it into income because traffic is the business itself.

Click HERE or the image below for my free report. (No opt in required.)

Turn Your Traffic Into Cash

You’ve heard the old adage…

“People don’t plan to fail. They just fail to plan.”

It’s true. You need a plan. Without one you’re doomed from the start.

My #1 Conversion Tool

There is absolutely NO question about it. The most important tool in my marketing arsenal is my autoresponder. It is so important that without it I would have no business at all.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer who advertises and sell other people’s products, a network marketer generating leads for your work-at-home business, or a developer selling your own products… an autoresponder is an indispensable tool for staying in contact with your prospects and customers.

Last week my friend, Mark Hodgetts, and I were having discussions about autoresponders and why people love them or hate them. We invited comments and found overwhelmingly that the apparent resistance is due to the learning curve.

So to answer that challenge, Mark has created a series of free videos to walk you through how to set up email messages and squeeze pages for an autoreponder.

The videos are awesome, and they’re all FREE.

Watch the Videos Here

Discover how easy it is to use an autoresponder… then watch your conversions soar!

Traffic Exchange Summit In Progress

The Traffic Exchange Summit is an initiative hosted by a well-respected name in the TE industry, James Holmes.

What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

“Collectively, we want to make improvements to the traffic exchange industry to benefit everyone who uses them or has built a business around them, so this would include owners, ancillary product developers, advertisers, and of course our members – those who surf the exchanges. It is perhaps easier to define what the summit is not than to try to explain what it will become – it is evolving organically, so the community en mass will determine the direction.”

In addition, James hosts an online radio broadcast called Ask James Holmes. For the past several days he has been interviewing TE leaders, owners, and successful surfers LIVE on his broadcast.

Today James is interviewing Yours Truly at 2:00 pm Eastern Time.You can catch the live interview, or listen to the recording by following the link below:

James Holmes/Scott Douglas interview on Blog Talk Radio

Catch all the previously recorded interviews here:


These interviews are very enlightening and let us peek into the minds of some of the most popular people in Traffic Exchanges.

~ Scott

PS. James is the owner of two of my favorite Traffic Exchanges, SWAT Traffic and BootScootinTraffic. You can check them out and drive traffic to your site for free at the links below:




Hot Tips for Email Advertising

Properly formatted emails sent to your own list or via a list mailing service are critical for getting your emails read.

An improperly formatted email sends a very unprofessional message and will not convert the reader to take action.

Keep your emails SHORT. The goal is not to make a sale. The goal of your email is ONE THING ONLY… a click on a link.

Keep your lines of text short to make them easy to read through the use of line breaks.

A line break adds a carriage return
to the end of a line of text like this.

It’s much easier to read an email with
short lines than one with lines of text
that run all the way across a page.

The line break code is <br>

I highly recommend NOT using paragraph breaks at all in your emails. Some email clients do not display them properly and treat them just like line breaks. They may push your paragraphs together without any space between them.

Instead of paragraphs breaks, get in the habit of inserting two line breaks like this…

A line break adds a carriage return<br>
to the end of a line of text like this.<br>
It’s much easier to read an email with<br>
short lines than one with lines of text<br>
that run all the way across a page.<br>

(Example illustrates the source code. The end reader does not see the <br> code.)

You can enter a line break in most WYSIWYG editors (rather than the source code) by holding down the SHIFT key while pressing the ENTER key.

Avoid the use of paragraph breaks to ensure your emails are displayed properly across the widest range of email service providers.

Social Newbie Takes the Plunge


So I finally decided to take a dive into the social scene and bid on a page at Sweeva.

If you’re a member of CTP or an active Sweeva social surfer you’re probably wondering “what took you so long?

I wonder that myself. Has something to do with being an introverted perfectionist.

Thanks to Jon Olson and his constant “just do it” harping I decided to throw my normal tendencies to the wind and do something out of my comfort zone. If anyone doesn’t like my splash page promotion, blame it on Jon.

While I’m on this roll… I decided to blog about the experience. Perhaps it will help anyone else like me who has been putting it off. I’ll share my results in a follow up post later.

So I’ve been going through the action steps to get certified in Click, Track, Profit. Was doing well up to Step 4 of the certification process.

Now, I know, this should be a easy… but sending 100 Sweeva hits to my newly created (AdKreator) splash page had me stuck.

I’m not much of a gambler, so bidding made me nervous.

OK. I’ll be totally honest…

I was stuck for fear of making a stupid newbie mistake!

I’ve surfed Sweeva quite a bit and often get lost there for hours just checking out other sites and watching the action. But never have placed a bid until now.

Here’s a screenshot of my initial bid.

I may have bid a bit high. But I wanted to make sure it started rotating quickly… which it did. It’s rotating right now!

Estimating how many individual page views it will receive was a bit tricky and I’m sure to have underestimated that as well. Was just shooting for about 100 views. (It’s a training step in CTP afterall.)

But it’s all good. TE Toolbox is automatically tracking the page for me so I’ll know how many views I actually ended up with.

Here’s a quick shot of the splash page being viewed…

In all TimTech has done a great job with everything I’ve seen so far in CTP. I still have some more videos to go through and have just unlocked the Upgraded videos as well.

This looks to be something I will definitely recommend to people who like video walkthrus… and to social virgins like yours truly.

The Business of Traffic

My friend, Jon Olson, just posted on his blog today about the importance of “Focus” in an online business. It’s not a new topic by any means… but one that is often misunderstood.

Focus can mean putting all your attention on one thing at a time, or doing one thing well before moving on to something new. But if that “one thing” is the wrong thing, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and effort in the wrong area.

The “mantra” of Dragonfly Marketing is Traffic + Conversion = Income

Most people who are new to online marketing want to focus on the income. They want to make money NOW. Little time is spent understanding the process which leads to that goal.

A business needs a marketing plan (traffic and targeted advertising) plus a solid business plan (conversions and income). Both sides of the coin need focus and clarity.

It’s not WHAT you sell… it’s HOW you sell it.

Until you learn how to generate traffic and advertise effectively, it does not matter what you are trying to sell. To succeed, you must FIRST put your efforts (focus) into traffic and advertising. To profit with your advertising, you must control costs and increase revenue.

My own training website, TE Profits, provides a simple business plan that combines traffic generation with conversions and sales. The traffic becomes the business.

Below is an excerpt from an article posted on the TE Profits members-only blog. It describes how and why traffic should be your first business.

From the TE Profits Buddy Blog…

If YOU ask ME what is the easiest way to make money on line, I will assume you are a online marketer who is familiar with Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. I will assume you spend time surfing for free traffic to promote an affiliate product (or products) and/or a MLM biz op.

To do that, you need traffic… lots of traffic… and preferably your own list of leads.

In my humble opinion, TE Profits makes this as easy as possible for you with a turn key system. Your traffic builds your list, and your list builds your traffic. Once your TE referrals and traffic start to increase, you can surf less and your system grows on its own.

Meanwhile, your upgrades in Traffic Exchanges provide MORE traffic and leads, while simultaneously ADDING TO your profit. The upgrades don’t forever become a drain against profits… they increase your bottom line.

If you have not yet grasped how powerful this idea is, consider the story of Joe the Pro…

Read Joe the Pro HERE

Upgrading a TE membership means double or triple the traffic. Many people upgrade just for the added traffic.

If all you do is cross-promote Traffic Exchanges to build downlines, experience shows that 7 to 10% of your referrals will upgrade their TE memberships just for the added traffic. If you do not upgrade, you are losing commissions and leaving money on the table.

Enjoy the benefits of upgraded TE memberships and get P@ID while building downlines and referrals for more traffic with less surfing!

Building TE downlines may not be the fastest way to huge monthly residual income, but it is the closest thing you will find to guaranteed success. Build your TE downlines long enough and you WILL earn free traffic and commissions!

Watch the “players” in this market and you will readily see that using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists to promote Traffic Exchanges and Safelists is central to their business… and it’s the ultimate KEY to cash flow with TE Profits.

With this strategy I turned one upgrade (Traffic-Splash) into more than 20 TE upgrades (I’ve lost count) plus hundreds (sometimes thousands) per month in commissions.

Start small. Stay within a budget. Commit to the plan.

Work your system. Reinvest some of your commissions into more upgrades to speed up the cycle of more traffic and more commissions.

Just don’t expect to get to 20 upgrades and hundreds of TE referrals over night. It takes time and persistence to reap the rewards.

[/end excerpt]

A perfect example of a traffic program with a built-in money generator is Fast Cash and Traffic. This is a fairly new traffic exchange, so the referrals and commissions are hot. People are joining (and upgrading) quickly.

Upgrades start as low a $1.75 per month. You can get a top-level upgrade on the OTO for just $25 (one year upgrade) that earns you $16 on a single sale. Just two referrals who take the OTO and you are already in profit… PLUS have the upgraded TE membership.

But there is more to it than just the commissions.

All surfers are qualified buyers… “players” who are willing to invest in their business.

I expect Fast Cash and Traffic (FCAT) to be a productive place to advertise and a contender in the TE market.

Traffic Alone is Worthless

I’ve said this many times… traffic + conversion = income.

Pretty simple right?

Sure it is, until you discover that converting traffic takes more than just a replicated affiliate sales page. If all you are doing is sending a bunch of untargeted (read uninterested) traffic to an affiliate sales page, be prepared to spend a lot of energy generating enough traffic to get a few sales.

The smart approach is to make sure that the traffic you deliver is predisposed to WANT the offer found on your affiliate page. You can achieve that in one of two ways:

1. Find the right traffic
2. Find the right offer

With the right marriage of traffic (or prospects) to an offer they want, many more of your prospects will accept your offer. But still only a small number will accept it at first sight… especially if you are a complete stranger to them.

Personal interaction with prospects is one powerful way to accelerate the conversion process. Meet people. Make yourself available to them. Build relationships.

It’s human nature that people prefer to buy from someone they know and trust.

A new breed of Traffic Exchanges is growing in popularity that brings this ‘relationship’ aspect to the very front of this process. These are called “Social Neworking TE’s” or “Social Surfing” for short.

One of the leaders in this new type of exchange is Sweeva. You can read my Sweeva review in an earlier blog post HERE.

Jon Olson (Sweeva) loves to socialize. He’s one of the most outspoken people I know in this business.

He loves telling people to “stick out like a sore thumb” and he does what he preaches!

Earlier today Jon left a post on his blog that is drawing a lot of discussion over the pros and cons of Social Surfing sites like Sweeva… and the criticism of these social sites from Traffic Hoopla.

For me, it’s not an either/or decision. You will reach MORE prospects and convert more of your traffic into sales if you use both traditional advertising (read surfing) AND social surfing. How much of either type depends largely on what you’re comfortable with and how much time you have to commit to traffic and advertising.

I’m a numbers guy. I like high traffic flow with click thru’s and opt-ins that I can count.

When the process is in place to convert those numbers, just buy some more traffic and turn a profit then take the rest of the day off.

But high conversions and a building customers/partners for life still requires a personal touch. We have to build relationships. For me that ‘social’ aspect occurs later in the process.

Moving the personal interaction to the front of my marketing would certainly shorten the process and require less ‘traffic’ to reach the same final goal… long term business relationships.

It will also require a change in how I present myself to the market. Simply using the same advertising clearly would not work as it is targeted to those who, like me, like numbers.

I need to become more sociable. :~)

For more information on this new breed of TE’s, pick up a copy of Jon’s new book, Social Surfing Secrets. It could totally change the way you think about traffic exchanges!

The Downline Building Myth Revealed

I had the pleasure of listening to a live BlogTalkRadio interview between James Holmes (SWAT Traffic) and Paul Kinder (Traffic-Splash) today at 3:00 pm EST.

Paul announced that exciting new features are being added to Affiliate Funnel. He also shocked the listeners with news of a collaboration with master programmer Troy Wray (VitalViralPro). Troy will be the programmer for some major updates in Affiliate Funnel.

This news came as a big surprise to many who perceive Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro as competing ‘downline builders’ in the Traffic Exchange market.

That’s where most get it wrong. Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro are not competitors. (More on that in a moment.)

During the interview, James asked Paul to discuss the benefits of Affiliate Funnel. I could not help myself and interjected in the chat window… “Downline building is NOT the #1 benefit of Affiliate Funnel or VitalViralPro.”

I immediately regretted my impulsive comment for fear that I was stepping on Paul’s toes. However, he graciously agreed with my statement and went on to discuss major benefits of Affiliate Funnel.

It also occurs to me that my comment probably confused people… and I hope that my explanation here will help clear up any confusion.

Over the years I’ve seen many downline builders come and go. They failed because they offered nothing else as a benefit. Just being a downline builder is not enough.

TrafficHoopla, Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro each have unique features. It’s true that all three of these programs build downlines (aka generate referrals in Traffic Exchanges and other advertising programs), but that is where the similarity ends.

TrafficHoopla, Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro are successful because they do far more than simply build downlines.

Let’s look at Traffic Hoopla because the features and benefits are easy to explain.

Feature: Downline Builder

Traffic Hoopla includes links to Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, and other recommended resources. You can replace links in the Traffic Hoopla back office so your Traffic Hoopla referrals will join these programs via your links.

This ‘rebranding’ of the affiliate links is, in essence, the downline builder.

Therefore, Traffic Hoopla is a downline builder.

(I hate the term ‘downline’ as it implies many levels deep. The term is better suited to the Network Marketing industry. A more appropriate term for traffic exchanges is ‘referral builder’ as used in my flagship membership site, TE Profits.)


Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro also have downline builders, right?

What makes any one downline builder better than the others?

You see, there must be some benefit to joining other than just building downlines. There must be a unique reason to join.

Benefit: Hoopla Rankings

I recommend Traffic Hoopla because of the independent testing and list of top performing Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.

You (or anyone) should join Traffic Hoopla for the ranking reports even if you do not want to promote Traffic Hoopla as an affiliate or build downlines.

Now we have a reason to join Traffic Hoopla.

The same is true of Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro. Each of these three programs offers its own unique benefits to members, which in turn creates a secondary benefit of building downlines (referrals) in their recommended programs.

Downline building is only possible because of the primary benefits. Without a unique benefit there would be no reason to join… and no downline building.

Programs that offer nothing other than a downline builder do not work. Downline building requires a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in order to effectively generate referrals.

I am looking forward with anticipation to coming enhancements at Affiliate Funnel.

Join Affiliate Funnel today and see what the ‘Funnel’ is all about. They give you the tools, training, and methods to promote anything you want to your leads. It’s all about you and building YOUR business.