Dragonfly Marketing is dedicated to those struggling to generate income online. My goal is to help you build a profitable business without spinning wheels or becoming another victim of hype, false promises and sales gimmicks.

If you want to ‘make money’ via the Internet without breaking the bank, you’ll find real life examples and insider tips from someone who started from scratch to build a full-time profitable business and income online.

Beginner marketers (Newbies) will quickly grasp the fundamental concepts shared. Making money online is not rocket science. Anyone can succeed with the right mindset, desire and willingness to take action.

In a nutshell, using the Internet as a Communication & Marketing tool to make money boils down to attracting the right traffic and converting that traffic into sales.

Traffic + Conversion = Income

Any lack of sales can be attributed to one of these key elements of Internet Marketing.

This website contains discussions related to my own personal experiences generating traffic and making sales. Follow along to see how I became a top affiliate in the ‘free traffic’ and ‘make money online’ market.

Our focus will be on generating targeted traffic AND profitable ways to convert that traffic into sales… with little (or even zero) money out-of-pocket!

You will discover my favorite sources of guaranteed traffic and what that traffic is hungry to buy. With real life examples, you’ll quickly learn how to turn this abundant, responsive traffic into consistent sales.

You’ll learn how to leverage your time by creating perpetual traffic for hands free (autopilot) prospects, leads and downlines.

You will also discover the low-cost and no-cost opportunities I personally promote to generate sales and residual income in Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing and MLM businesses.

No hype. No pie-in-the-sky nonsense. No high-pressure sales pitches…

Just real examples of consistent, steady growth from free traffic combined with the most lucrative free or low-cost business opportunities.

In short, I intend to reveal TWO essentials to my success:

  1. Where and How to get an abundance of quality traffic, plus
  2. What products and services that traffic is buying.

To Your Traffic & Sales,
Scott Douglas
Dragonfly Marketing

“It’s not what you sell… it’s how you sell it.”

Scott “The Dragonfly” Douglas is a retired professional engineer who has been teaching beginner and intermediate marketers how to profit with their traffic in a full-time capacity since 2008.

The business name “Dragonfly Marketing” was inspired by Mike Filsaime’s viral marketing experiment, Butterfly Marketing, in early 2007. From inception, Dragonfly Marketing has incorporated viral marketing techniques that will continue to bring additional traffic and sales for years to come.

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