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Traffic Exchange Summit In Progress

The Traffic Exchange Summit is an initiative hosted by a well-respected name in the TE industry, James Holmes.

What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

“Collectively, we want to make improvements to the traffic exchange industry to benefit everyone who uses them or has built a business around them, so this would include owners, ancillary product developers, advertisers, and of course our members – those who surf the exchanges. It is perhaps easier to define what the summit is not than to try to explain what it will become – it is evolving organically, so the community en mass will determine the direction.”

In addition, James hosts an online radio broadcast called Ask James Holmes. For the past several days he has been interviewing TE leaders, owners, and successful surfers LIVE on his broadcast.

Today James is interviewing Yours Truly at 2:00 pm Eastern Time.You can catch the live interview, or listen to the recording by following the link below:

James Holmes/Scott Douglas interview on Blog Talk Radio

Catch all the previously recorded interviews here:

These interviews are very enlightening and let us peek into the minds of some of the most popular people in Traffic Exchanges.

~ Scott

PS. James is the owner of two of my favorite Traffic Exchanges, SWAT Traffic and BootScootinTraffic. You can check them out and drive traffic to your site for free at the links below:


New Home for TE Profits

If you have not realized this yet, my expertise is in generating targeted traffic from Traffic Exchanges and consistently converting that traffic to income.

I have been using Traffic Exchanges and teaching others how to benefit from this lucrative traffic source for nearly four years. Early in 2008 this became a full-time profession.

My flagship product which started it all is the (now nearly infamous) TE Profits Traffic Report. As a subscriber of this Dragonfly Marketing blog, you should have already received a copy of this report valued at $47.

Turn Your Clicks Into Cash

If for any reason you missed it, here is the direct download link (no opt-in required)…

Turn Your Clicks Into Cash

Demand from other TE users to ‘brand’ my report with their affiliate links was immediately evident. I received requests daily from people who wanted to use my report to build their own list, generate more traffic, and create positive cash flow in the process.

TE Profits was created to meet that demand. However, TE Profits was initially only a ‘rebranding’ service. Later, in the spring of 2009, TE Profits (version 2.0) became a full membership site for paid customers only.

Last month TE Profits (v 3.0) was released as a full turnkey marketing system and training membership site available to anyone completely free of charge!

If you are at all active in Traffic Exchanges, you have seen the TE Profits splash pages and lead capture pages. You can take a look at the marketing system behind those pages along with all my professional insider tips on using Traffic Exchanges effectively plus bonuses completely free of charge right now:

Profit With Traffic Exchanges Now!

This is what Jon “The TE Guy” Olson (I Love Hits, SWAT Traffic, Sweeva, Affiliate Funnel and more) had to say about TE Profits in the Net Marketing Forum yesterday…

“Scott does an amazing job at training new members with some of the most indepth stuff I have ever read on list building with traffic exchanges.

“Sure he mentions the income potential of certain programs, but never is that the focus. The focus in one developing ones own business skills and business model.”

Thanks for the shout-out, Jon!

The context of Jon’s comment was in relation to the popular ‘team’ trend in business-building. Visit Jon’s Hit Exchange News blog for more detail.

I’m an avid reader of Jon’s Hit Exchange News and highly recommend you subscribe to his newsletter.

… and now you know why I was having so much fun last month.

Massive Assault Hits Traffic Exchanges

*AP Release: Tuesday, 10:00 AM EST, June 1, 2010

Take Command of Your TE Marketing

Commandos took to the field in large numbers Tuesday, launching an unprecedented assault on Traffic Exchanges.

Siege expected to continue without mercy until all surfers are on the path to all-conquering TE success. No prisoners will be taken.

Every surfer is being called upon to take command of their TE marketing in order to bring and end to this conflict.

To assist in this charge, each is being issued a full suite of information management tools in a special Command and Control Center. Inside this center, you will receive up-to-the-minute information on:

  • Every listed Traffic Exchange almost instantly
  • Number of Credits you have waiting to be assigned
  • Number of Credits you have already assigned
  • Which URLs are running low on Credits

Plus an arsenal of combat-ready tools to build your referrals and your passive residual income fast.

Do not be a casualty. Get on the path to success today by taking command of your TE advertising.

Join TE Command Post Now


// END *AP Release

In all seriousness, TE Command Post is a winner. Do yourself a big favor and make your TE advertising easier by grabbing this set of tools at no cost today.

Dragonfly Marketing Loves TE Command Post

I promise you won’t regret it.


Scott Douglas, Profit Commando
Dragonfly Marketing

* AP: Affiliate Press

Did You Sweeve Today?

Twitter Meets Facebook!

Where were you when Twitter or Facebook was born?

Imagine being one of the first people to join one of those rapidly growing communities… or better yet… owning a piece of that action!

It’s too late to be on the ground floor of Twitter, but it’s not too late for Sweeva!

“Sweeva” may sound strange, but give it a minute or so. It’s catchy.

And it’s catching on fast. More than 2,000 people joined the first day! is a new concept called “Social Browsing” that puts a totally new spin on the concept of a “traffic” exchange.

You see, traffic alone is worthless!

That’s right. Traffic does nothing for you or your business unless you have a way to convert your traffic into prospects, customers, business partners, or sales.

The first step to turning your traffic into real business growth is by establishing a relationship with your website visitors.

Think about it. People prefer to do business with someone they know and trust.

Sweeva shortens the gap between traffic and conversions by enhancing the relationship building process.

Here’s how it works:

You join and add your sites to be displayed to other members.

You see other sites and they see yours. But when your site is displayed, everybody is looking at it and chatting about it at the same time!

They can ask live questions while you provide instant answers. This puts a very personal touch on your promotions and establishes trust with your visitors.

Plus, you get REAL visitors taking a close look at your site rather than pointless ‘hits’ or page views.

Toss in integration with Twitter and Facebook for a very interesting social mix.

After Sweeva launched yesterday I found myself spending a couple of hours looking at websites, chatting, and enjoying the active feedback everyone was giving and getting.

It is rare for me to spend so much time in an exchange these days. So that says something about how well it engages people in the ‘social browsing’ experience.

If you are curious, just join and see the difference.

If you want to improve your advertisements, just join and learn.

If you want people to take a REAL look at what you are promoting, just join and start advertising.

Sweeva gets Two Thumbs Up in my book! is live!

Welcome to my new marketing website and blog.

Have a look around.

You’ll find free ebooks, news, reviews and opinions along with recommended tools proven to work in my online business. Feel free to take what you like and leave the rest.

Please visit the “About” page for more information about me, Dragonfly Marketing, and how this website can help you.

Be sure to click on the RSS button (top right of page) to receive my news feeds, or subscribe to my Dragonfly Marketing newsletter to have updates delivered to your inbox.

I hope you enjoy my updates. Your participation and comments are invited.

Scott Douglas
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