Traffic Exchange Summit In Progress

The Traffic Exchange Summit is an initiative hosted by a well-respected name in the TE industry, James Holmes.

What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

“Collectively, we want to make improvements to the traffic exchange industry to benefit everyone who uses them or has built a business around them, so this would include owners, ancillary product developers, advertisers, and of course our members – those who surf the exchanges. It is perhaps easier to define what the summit is not than to try to explain what it will become – it is evolving organically, so the community en mass will determine the direction.”

In addition, James hosts an online radio broadcast called Ask James Holmes. For the past several days he has been interviewing TE leaders, owners, and successful surfers LIVE on his broadcast.

Today James is interviewing Yours Truly at 2:00 pm Eastern Time.You can catch the live interview, or listen to the recording by following the link below:

James Holmes/Scott Douglas interview on Blog Talk Radio

Catch all the previously recorded interviews here:

These interviews are very enlightening and let us peek into the minds of some of the most popular people in Traffic Exchanges.

~ Scott

PS. James is the owner of two of my favorite Traffic Exchanges, SWAT Traffic and BootScootinTraffic. You can check them out and drive traffic to your site for free at the links below:


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