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Social Newbie Takes the Plunge


So I finally decided to take a dive into the social scene and bid on a page at Sweeva.

If you’re a member of CTP or an active Sweeva social surfer you’re probably wondering “what took you so long?

I wonder that myself. Has something to do with being an introverted perfectionist.

Thanks to Jon Olson and his constant “just do it” harping I decided to throw my normal tendencies to the wind and do something out of my comfort zone. If anyone doesn’t like my splash page promotion, blame it on Jon.

While I’m on this roll… I decided to blog about the experience. Perhaps it will help anyone else like me who has been putting it off. I’ll share my results in a follow up post later.

So I’ve been going through the action steps to get certified in Click, Track, Profit. Was doing well up to Step 4 of the certification process.

Now, I know, this should be a easy… but sending 100 Sweeva hits to my newly created (AdKreator) splash page had me stuck.

I’m not much of a gambler, so bidding made me nervous.

OK. I’ll be totally honest…

I was stuck for fear of making a stupid newbie mistake!

I’ve surfed Sweeva quite a bit and often get lost there for hours just checking out other sites and watching the action. But never have placed a bid until now.

Here’s a screenshot of my initial bid.

I may have bid a bit high. But I wanted to make sure it started rotating quickly… which it did. It’s rotating right now!

Estimating how many individual page views it will receive was a bit tricky and I’m sure to have underestimated that as well. Was just shooting for about 100 views. (It’s a training step in CTP afterall.)

But it’s all good. TE Toolbox is automatically tracking the page for me so I’ll know how many views I actually ended up with.

Here’s a quick shot of the splash page being viewed…

In all TimTech has done a great job with everything I’ve seen so far in CTP. I still have some more videos to go through and have just unlocked the Upgraded videos as well.

This looks to be something I will definitely recommend to people who like video walkthrus… and to social virgins like yours truly.