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Why Do You Surf Traffic Exchanges?

It’s no secret that I love Traffic Exchanges. They are extremely easy to use for rapid traffic, highly profitable as an affiliate, and a very responsive traffic source with when you target the market.

My primary target audience is Traffic Exchange surfers. This will most likely never change, but one of my goals is to expand my reach beyond those already actively engaged in TE marketing to people who perhaps have never even heard of Traffic Exchanges.

This leads to the question of who Traffic Exchanges are best suited for. Do they work for all advertising? Should every Internet Marketer be using Traffic Exchanges?

I’ll admit that Traffic Exchange marketing is NOT for everyone. But without question, this reliable and lucrative source of traffic offers a particular advantage to a certain group of Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Network Marketers alike.

As my friend Guido Nussbuam (TrafficWitch) states…

“If You’re Not Using Manual Traffic Exchanges You’re
Leaving 100’s and 1000’s of Subscribers and Referrals
a Month on the Table.”

Converting a traffic exchange ‘surfer’ into a subscriber on your email list, a referral in an affiliate or network marketing program, or an eventual sale requires a clear understanding of who the surfer is and what they want…

And THAT is simply what “Target Marketing” is in a nutshell. Getting the right offer in front of the right prospect at the right time!

So ask yourself WHY you are surfing, and more importantly realize that other surfers are most likely surfing for the same reasons you are!

Think about what you are advertising or offering to other surfers and ask yourself if it is something YOU want when YOU are surfing.