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The Business of Traffic

My friend, Jon Olson, just posted on his blog today about the importance of “Focus” in an online business. It’s not a new topic by any means… but one that is often misunderstood.

Focus can mean putting all your attention on one thing at a time, or doing one thing well before moving on to something new. But if that “one thing” is the wrong thing, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and effort in the wrong area.

The “mantra” of Dragonfly Marketing is Traffic + Conversion = Income

Most people who are new to online marketing want to focus on the income. They want to make money NOW. Little time is spent understanding the process which leads to that goal.

A business needs a marketing plan (traffic and targeted advertising) plus a solid business plan (conversions and income). Both sides of the coin need focus and clarity.

It’s not WHAT you sell… it’s HOW you sell it.

Until you learn how to generate traffic and advertise effectively, it does not matter what you are trying to sell. To succeed, you must FIRST put your efforts (focus) into traffic and advertising. To profit with your advertising, you must control costs and increase revenue.

My own training website, TE Profits, provides a simple business plan that combines traffic generation with conversions and sales. The traffic becomes the business.

Below is an excerpt from an article posted on the TE Profits members-only blog. It describes how and why traffic should be your first business.

From the TE Profits Buddy Blog…

If YOU ask ME what is the easiest way to make money on line, I will assume you are a online marketer who is familiar with Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. I will assume you spend time surfing for free traffic to promote an affiliate product (or products) and/or a MLM biz op.

To do that, you need traffic… lots of traffic… and preferably your own list of leads.

In my humble opinion, TE Profits makes this as easy as possible for you with a turn key system. Your traffic builds your list, and your list builds your traffic. Once your TE referrals and traffic start to increase, you can surf less and your system grows on its own.

Meanwhile, your upgrades in Traffic Exchanges provide MORE traffic and leads, while simultaneously ADDING TO your profit. The upgrades don’t forever become a drain against profits… they increase your bottom line.

If you have not yet grasped how powerful this idea is, consider the story of Joe the Pro…

Read Joe the Pro HERE

Upgrading a TE membership means double or triple the traffic. Many people upgrade just for the added traffic.

If all you do is cross-promote Traffic Exchanges to build downlines, experience shows that 7 to 10% of your referrals will upgrade their TE memberships just for the added traffic. If you do not upgrade, you are losing commissions and leaving money on the table.

Enjoy the benefits of upgraded TE memberships and get P@ID while building downlines and referrals for more traffic with less surfing!

Building TE downlines may not be the fastest way to huge monthly residual income, but it is the closest thing you will find to guaranteed success. Build your TE downlines long enough and you WILL earn free traffic and commissions!

Watch the “players” in this market and you will readily see that using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists to promote Traffic Exchanges and Safelists is central to their business… and it’s the ultimate KEY to cash flow with TE Profits.

With this strategy I turned one upgrade (Traffic-Splash) into more than 20 TE upgrades (I’ve lost count) plus hundreds (sometimes thousands) per month in commissions.

Start small. Stay within a budget. Commit to the plan.

Work your system. Reinvest some of your commissions into more upgrades to speed up the cycle of more traffic and more commissions.

Just don’t expect to get to 20 upgrades and hundreds of TE referrals over night. It takes time and persistence to reap the rewards.

[/end excerpt]

A perfect example of a traffic program with a built-in money generator is Fast Cash and Traffic. This is a fairly new traffic exchange, so the referrals and commissions are hot. People are joining (and upgrading) quickly.

Upgrades start as low a $1.75 per month. You can get a top-level upgrade on the OTO for just $25 (one year upgrade) that earns you $16 on a single sale. Just two referrals who take the OTO and you are already in profit… PLUS have the upgraded TE membership.

But there is more to it than just the commissions.

All surfers are qualified buyers… “players” who are willing to invest in their business.

I expect Fast Cash and Traffic (FCAT) to be a productive place to advertise and a contender in the TE market.

New Home for TE Profits

If you have not realized this yet, my expertise is in generating targeted traffic from Traffic Exchanges and consistently converting that traffic to income.

I have been using Traffic Exchanges and teaching others how to benefit from this lucrative traffic source for nearly four years. Early in 2008 this became a full-time profession.

My flagship product which started it all is the (now nearly infamous) TE Profits Traffic Report. As a subscriber of this Dragonfly Marketing blog, you should have already received a copy of this report valued at $47.

Turn Your Clicks Into Cash

If for any reason you missed it, here is the direct download link (no opt-in required)…

Turn Your Clicks Into Cash

Demand from other TE users to ‘brand’ my report with their affiliate links was immediately evident. I received requests daily from people who wanted to use my report to build their own list, generate more traffic, and create positive cash flow in the process.

TE Profits was created to meet that demand. However, TE Profits was initially only a ‘rebranding’ service. Later, in the spring of 2009, TE Profits (version 2.0) became a full membership site for paid customers only.

Last month TE Profits (v 3.0) was released as a full turnkey marketing system and training membership site available to anyone completely free of charge!

If you are at all active in Traffic Exchanges, you have seen the TE Profits splash pages and lead capture pages. You can take a look at the marketing system behind those pages along with all my professional insider tips on using Traffic Exchanges effectively plus bonuses completely free of charge right now:

Profit With Traffic Exchanges Now!

This is what Jon “The TE Guy” Olson (I Love Hits, SWAT Traffic, Sweeva, Affiliate Funnel and more) had to say about TE Profits in the Net Marketing Forum yesterday…

“Scott does an amazing job at training new members with some of the most indepth stuff I have ever read on list building with traffic exchanges.

“Sure he mentions the income potential of certain programs, but never is that the focus. The focus in one developing ones own business skills and business model.”

Thanks for the shout-out, Jon!

The context of Jon’s comment was in relation to the popular ‘team’ trend in business-building. Visit Jon’s Hit Exchange News blog for more detail.

I’m an avid reader of Jon’s Hit Exchange News and highly recommend you subscribe to his newsletter.

… and now you know why I was having so much fun last month.