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Why Do You Surf Traffic Exchanges?

It’s no secret that I love Traffic Exchanges. They are extremely easy to use for rapid traffic, highly profitable as an affiliate, and a very responsive traffic source with when you target the market.

My primary target audience is Traffic Exchange surfers. This will most likely never change, but one of my goals is to expand my reach beyond those already actively engaged in TE marketing to people who perhaps have never even heard of Traffic Exchanges.

This leads to the question of who Traffic Exchanges are best suited for. Do they work for all advertising? Should every Internet Marketer be using Traffic Exchanges?

I’ll admit that Traffic Exchange marketing is NOT for everyone. But without question, this reliable and lucrative source of traffic offers a particular advantage to a certain group of Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Network Marketers alike.

As my friend Guido Nussbuam (TrafficWitch) states…

“If You’re Not Using Manual Traffic Exchanges You’re
Leaving 100’s and 1000’s of Subscribers and Referrals
a Month on the Table.”

Converting a traffic exchange ‘surfer’ into a subscriber on your email list, a referral in an affiliate or network marketing program, or an eventual sale requires a clear understanding of who the surfer is and what they want…

And THAT is simply what “Target Marketing” is in a nutshell. Getting the right offer in front of the right prospect at the right time!

So ask yourself WHY you are surfing, and more importantly realize that other surfers are most likely surfing for the same reasons you are!

Think about what you are advertising or offering to other surfers and ask yourself if it is something YOU want when YOU are surfing.

Traffic Alone is Worthless

I’ve said this many times… traffic + conversion = income.

Pretty simple right?

Sure it is, until you discover that converting traffic takes more than just a replicated affiliate sales page. If all you are doing is sending a bunch of untargeted (read uninterested) traffic to an affiliate sales page, be prepared to spend a lot of energy generating enough traffic to get a few sales.

The smart approach is to make sure that the traffic you deliver is predisposed to WANT the offer found on your affiliate page. You can achieve that in one of two ways:

1. Find the right traffic
2. Find the right offer

With the right marriage of traffic (or prospects) to an offer they want, many more of your prospects will accept your offer. But still only a small number will accept it at first sight… especially if you are a complete stranger to them.

Personal interaction with prospects is one powerful way to accelerate the conversion process. Meet people. Make yourself available to them. Build relationships.

It’s human nature that people prefer to buy from someone they know and trust.

A new breed of Traffic Exchanges is growing in popularity that brings this ‘relationship’ aspect to the very front of this process. These are called “Social Neworking TE’s” or “Social Surfing” for short.

One of the leaders in this new type of exchange is Sweeva. You can read my Sweeva review in an earlier blog post HERE.

Jon Olson (Sweeva) loves to socialize. He’s one of the most outspoken people I know in this business.

He loves telling people to “stick out like a sore thumb” and he does what he preaches!

Earlier today Jon left a post on his blog that is drawing a lot of discussion over the pros and cons of Social Surfing sites like Sweeva… and the criticism of these social sites from Traffic Hoopla.

For me, it’s not an either/or decision. You will reach MORE prospects and convert more of your traffic into sales if you use both traditional advertising (read surfing) AND social surfing. How much of either type depends largely on what you’re comfortable with and how much time you have to commit to traffic and advertising.

I’m a numbers guy. I like high traffic flow with click thru’s and opt-ins that I can count.

When the process is in place to convert those numbers, just buy some more traffic and turn a profit then take the rest of the day off.

But high conversions and a building customers/partners for life still requires a personal touch. We have to build relationships. For me that ‘social’ aspect occurs later in the process.

Moving the personal interaction to the front of my marketing would certainly shorten the process and require less ‘traffic’ to reach the same final goal… long term business relationships.

It will also require a change in how I present myself to the market. Simply using the same advertising clearly would not work as it is targeted to those who, like me, like numbers.

I need to become more sociable. :~)

For more information on this new breed of TE’s, pick up a copy of Jon’s new book, Social Surfing Secrets. It could totally change the way you think about traffic exchanges!

New Home for TE Profits

If you have not realized this yet, my expertise is in generating targeted traffic from Traffic Exchanges and consistently converting that traffic to income.

I have been using Traffic Exchanges and teaching others how to benefit from this lucrative traffic source for nearly four years. Early in 2008 this became a full-time profession.

My flagship product which started it all is the (now nearly infamous) TE Profits Traffic Report. As a subscriber of this Dragonfly Marketing blog, you should have already received a copy of this report valued at $47.

Turn Your Clicks Into Cash

If for any reason you missed it, here is the direct download link (no opt-in required)…

Turn Your Clicks Into Cash

Demand from other TE users to ‘brand’ my report with their affiliate links was immediately evident. I received requests daily from people who wanted to use my report to build their own list, generate more traffic, and create positive cash flow in the process.

TE Profits was created to meet that demand. However, TE Profits was initially only a ‘rebranding’ service. Later, in the spring of 2009, TE Profits (version 2.0) became a full membership site for paid customers only.

Last month TE Profits (v 3.0) was released as a full turnkey marketing system and training membership site available to anyone completely free of charge!

If you are at all active in Traffic Exchanges, you have seen the TE Profits splash pages and lead capture pages. You can take a look at the marketing system behind those pages along with all my professional insider tips on using Traffic Exchanges effectively plus bonuses completely free of charge right now:

Profit With Traffic Exchanges Now!

This is what Jon “The TE Guy” Olson (I Love Hits, SWAT Traffic, Sweeva, Affiliate Funnel and more) had to say about TE Profits in the Net Marketing Forum yesterday…

“Scott does an amazing job at training new members with some of the most indepth stuff I have ever read on list building with traffic exchanges.

“Sure he mentions the income potential of certain programs, but never is that the focus. The focus in one developing ones own business skills and business model.”

Thanks for the shout-out, Jon!

The context of Jon’s comment was in relation to the popular ‘team’ trend in business-building. Visit Jon’s Hit Exchange News blog for more detail.

I’m an avid reader of Jon’s Hit Exchange News and highly recommend you subscribe to his newsletter.

… and now you know why I was having so much fun last month.

Massive Assault Hits Traffic Exchanges

*AP Release: Tuesday, 10:00 AM EST, June 1, 2010

Take Command of Your TE Marketing

Commandos took to the field in large numbers Tuesday, launching an unprecedented assault on Traffic Exchanges.

Siege expected to continue without mercy until all surfers are on the path to all-conquering TE success. No prisoners will be taken.

Every surfer is being called upon to take command of their TE marketing in order to bring and end to this conflict.

To assist in this charge, each is being issued a full suite of information management tools in a special Command and Control Center. Inside this center, you will receive up-to-the-minute information on:

  • Every listed Traffic Exchange almost instantly
  • Number of Credits you have waiting to be assigned
  • Number of Credits you have already assigned
  • Which URLs are running low on Credits

Plus an arsenal of combat-ready tools to build your referrals and your passive residual income fast.

Do not be a casualty. Get on the path to success today by taking command of your TE advertising.

Join TE Command Post Now


// END *AP Release

In all seriousness, TE Command Post is a winner. Do yourself a big favor and make your TE advertising easier by grabbing this set of tools at no cost today.

Dragonfly Marketing Loves TE Command Post

I promise you won’t regret it.


Scott Douglas, Profit Commando
Dragonfly Marketing

* AP: Affiliate Press

Traffic 101

Traffic is essential for any online business. Without traffic, your website is just one small grain of sand in the middle of the Sahara Desert. No one will see it… nobody cares!

Getting traffic to your website is the first challenge every new online marketer faces. Not just any traffic, either. You need the right kind of traffic. You need ‘targeted’ traffic that is interested in what you have to offer on your website.

Whether your website is a blog, a lead capture page, or a sales letter, only people who are interested will ‘convert’ into subscribers and sales.

Traffic Generation is a complete Internet industry in itself. Think of Google, Yahoo, or the myriad products being sold by ‘gurus’ who promise to deliver more traffic than your server can handle when you buy their ‘secret’ traffic formula. People pay good money for traffic.

Consider just a few of the popular ways you can generate website traffic:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and AdWords
  • Article Writing and Submission (aka Bum Marketing)
  • Social Networking and Bookmarking
  • Blogging and Backlinks

The list goes on…

Each of these methods has a significant cost factor attached. You either have to pay someone to send you traffic, or you have to put in hours and hours of work to develop content that attracts people, then wait patiently for visitors to arrive.

It can take months to get the traffic you need using these so-called ‘free’ methods, if you are able to survive long enough.

How does the aspiring new online marketer get traffic TODAY to their website?

Few options exist. My favorite traffic source, the one my business has been built almost exclusively on, is Traffic Exchanges. These include manual exchanges where you click to view other sites, as well as email exchanges (Viral Mailers) where you exchange email with other marketers to get website visitors.

Some of the world’s foremost Internet Marketers began their online business with traffic exchanges. I am just one more example of proof that these traffic generation systems do work… and the traffic does convert.

What makes them work so well for my business and other top marketers?

They’re Viral!

Viral marketing is like starting a chain reaction. It’s most closely related to word-of-mouth advertising in the off line arena.

With traffic exchanges you start generating website visitors immediately with a little bit of manual effort (simply click to view other websites). Add in a viral component and your website traffic exponentially increases with less and less effort.

At this point in my traffic generation, I do NO manual work nor spend ANY of my own money to generate tens of thousands of highly targeted website visitors every month!

The traffic I receive is highly targeted and very responsive. The conversion process is automated so that my business grows effortlessly.

By now you are probably curious to learn how I did it.

This article is just a ‘primer’ to get you started.

First, you must know how traffic is generated with traffic exchanges…

You click your mouse in an exchange to view other people’s business offer so that, in return, they will view yours when they click their mouse.

You click and view their website… they click and view yours.

But what happens when you stop clicking?

When you stop… the traffic stops. No more viewing of your website or business opportunity.

Not much fun there. What about non-stop perpetual traffic?

To achieve leverage with traffic exchanges you need a viral component. You need to earn traffic without clicking.

One of the most overlooked benefits of a traffic exchange is the extra traffic earned by referring other marketers to that exchange. Basically, by “selling” the traffic exchange service you are “getting paid” in free traffic. Your traffic multiplies.

What happens when you reinvest your free traffic back into the traffic multiplier?

Ah… even MORE free traffic. In a very short time a compounding effect takes over. The traffic starts to grow on it’s own… PERPETUALLY!

This free residual traffic becomes residual income via your conversion process.

When you do it right… you have GROWING residual traffic that becomes GROWING residual income!

Use your traffic to build your list. Refer your list subscribers to your favorite traffic exchanges to build more traffic. This proven method puts the entire process on autopilot.

Your traffic builds your list while your list builds your traffic!

If you are not using traffic exchanges to build your list, you are leaving thousands of subscribers and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

To Your Viral Traffic,
Scott Douglas
Dragonfly Marketing

“It’s not what you sell… it’s how you sell it.”


For more information on viral traffic and list building with traffic exchanges, grab a copy of my #1 eBook, Turn Your Clicks Into Cash, complete with branding rights (a $47 value).

Did You Sweeve Today?

Twitter Meets Facebook!

Where were you when Twitter or Facebook was born?

Imagine being one of the first people to join one of those rapidly growing communities… or better yet… owning a piece of that action!

It’s too late to be on the ground floor of Twitter, but it’s not too late for Sweeva!

“Sweeva” may sound strange, but give it a minute or so. It’s catchy.

And it’s catching on fast. More than 2,000 people joined the first day!

Sweeva.com is a new concept called “Social Browsing” that puts a totally new spin on the concept of a “traffic” exchange.

You see, traffic alone is worthless!

That’s right. Traffic does nothing for you or your business unless you have a way to convert your traffic into prospects, customers, business partners, or sales.

The first step to turning your traffic into real business growth is by establishing a relationship with your website visitors.

Think about it. People prefer to do business with someone they know and trust.

Sweeva shortens the gap between traffic and conversions by enhancing the relationship building process.

Here’s how it works:

You join Sweeva.com and add your sites to be displayed to other members.

You see other sites and they see yours. But when your site is displayed, everybody is looking at it and chatting about it at the same time!

They can ask live questions while you provide instant answers. This puts a very personal touch on your promotions and establishes trust with your visitors.

Plus, you get REAL visitors taking a close look at your site rather than pointless ‘hits’ or page views.

Toss in integration with Twitter and Facebook for a very interesting social mix.

After Sweeva launched yesterday I found myself spending a couple of hours looking at websites, chatting, and enjoying the active feedback everyone was giving and getting.

It is rare for me to spend so much time in an exchange these days. So that says something about how well it engages people in the ‘social browsing’ experience.

If you are curious, just join and see the difference.

If you want to improve your advertisements, just join and learn.

If you want people to take a REAL look at what you are promoting, just join and start advertising.

Sweeva gets Two Thumbs Up in my book!