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The Downline Building Myth Revealed

I had the pleasure of listening to a live BlogTalkRadio interview between James Holmes (SWAT Traffic) and Paul Kinder (Traffic-Splash) today at 3:00 pm EST.

Paul announced that exciting new features are being added to Affiliate Funnel. He also shocked the listeners with news of a collaboration with master programmer Troy Wray (VitalViralPro). Troy will be the programmer for some major updates in Affiliate Funnel.

This news came as a big surprise to many who perceive Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro as competing ‘downline builders’ in the Traffic Exchange market.

That’s where most get it wrong. Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro are not competitors. (More on that in a moment.)

During the interview, James asked Paul to discuss the benefits of Affiliate Funnel. I could not help myself and interjected in the chat window… “Downline building is NOT the #1 benefit of Affiliate Funnel or VitalViralPro.”

I immediately regretted my impulsive comment for fear that I was stepping on Paul’s toes. However, he graciously agreed with my statement and went on to discuss major benefits of Affiliate Funnel.

It also occurs to me that my comment probably confused people… and I hope that my explanation here will help clear up any confusion.

Over the years I’ve seen many downline builders come and go. They failed because they offered nothing else as a benefit. Just being a downline builder is not enough.

TrafficHoopla, Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro each have unique features. It’s true that all three of these programs build downlines (aka generate referrals in Traffic Exchanges and other advertising programs), but that is where the similarity ends.

TrafficHoopla, Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro are successful because they do far more than simply build downlines.

Let’s look at Traffic Hoopla because the features and benefits are easy to explain.

Feature: Downline Builder

Traffic Hoopla includes links to Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, and other recommended resources. You can replace links in the Traffic Hoopla back office so your Traffic Hoopla referrals will join these programs via your links.

This ‘rebranding’ of the affiliate links is, in essence, the downline builder.

Therefore, Traffic Hoopla is a downline builder.

(I hate the term ‘downline’ as it implies many levels deep. The term is better suited to the Network Marketing industry. A more appropriate term for traffic exchanges is ‘referral builder’ as used in my flagship membership site, TE Profits.)


Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro also have downline builders, right?

What makes any one downline builder better than the others?

You see, there must be some benefit to joining other than just building downlines. There must be a unique reason to join.

Benefit: Hoopla Rankings

I recommend Traffic Hoopla because of the independent testing and list of top performing Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.

You (or anyone) should join Traffic Hoopla for the ranking reports even if you do not want to promote Traffic Hoopla as an affiliate or build downlines.

Now we have a reason to join Traffic Hoopla.

The same is true of Affiliate Funnel and VitalViralPro. Each of these three programs offers its own unique benefits to members, which in turn creates a secondary benefit of building downlines (referrals) in their recommended programs.

Downline building is only possible because of the primary benefits. Without a unique benefit there would be no reason to join… and no downline building.

Programs that offer nothing other than a downline builder do not work. Downline building requires a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in order to effectively generate referrals.

I am looking forward with anticipation to coming enhancements at Affiliate Funnel.

Join Affiliate Funnel today and see what the ‘Funnel’ is all about. They give you the tools, training, and methods to promote anything you want to your leads. It’s all about you and building YOUR business.